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07950 739 825


160 SQ FT = 15Sqm

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Pink Self Storage Barry

Wimborne Rd,


CF63 3DH

barry self Storage

Situated on Wimborne Road, Barry, our highly-secure self storage facility is open to customers 24 hours a day. Additionally, our Barry self storage facility is the only one in the area to offer drive-thru self storage; giving you convenient access to your storage unit at any time of the day.

After signing up for one of our Barry self storage units, you’ll be provided with a secure pin code for easy access to the site and your personal storage unit. All of our self storage unit space is rented on a short term basis, meaning you’ll only rent with Pink Storage for as long as you require. It really is as easy as it sounds.

50% off household storage

If you’re a homeowner looking for space to store your household possessions, we’re here to help. For the first 8-week rental period at our Barry self storage site, you’ll get an impressive 50% reduction in rental costs.

We understand that convenience and security is an essential requirement for those in need of household storage units. This is why we’ve designed our Barry self storage site to allow for easy drive-up access and installed storage units that can be easily opened by anyone. Simply follow our sign up process and you’ll be sent a text message that contains your secure site access and storage unit code.

Commercial Self Storage - best price

Commercial storage space often comes with a hefty price tag, but that’s not the case at our Barry self storage facility. Our tiered pricing system allows our long-term commercial clients to receive extremely low prices as a thank you for their continued custom.

Every one of our units is accessible 24 hours a day and are often utilised by eBay sellers, plumbers, builders, retailers, and many other professions. For a bespoke quote to suit your unique commercial requirements, get in touch with a member of our Barry self storage team today.

new Mobile self storage

To complement our reputation as a convenient and easily accessible Barry self storage facility, we’ve introduced our new mobile self storage service. Simply request the Pink Storage mobile service and our team will transport your storage unit directly to any location you require, within 24 hours and free of charge. After finishing with your self storage unit, we’ll transport it back safely to our secure facility.


All our units are 20ft x 8ft ( 6m x 2.5m approx )


After you sign up you will get 24 hour access


Site Manager : Craig Allen

02921 25 1629

07950 739 825

( Sign up out of hour over the phone 24 Hours )


Address :

Pink Self Storage Barry

Wimborne Rd,


CF63 3DH


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