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Scott Evans
May 31, 2023

The Best Things to Do in Cardiff — How to Make the Most of Wales' Capital City

From fascinating history to family-friendly attractions, active adventures to artistic delights, Cardiff has something for everyone. So, grab your sense of adventure and let's explore the best things to do in this wonderful city.

Ah, Cardiff, the vibrant and captivating capital of Wales. Call me biassed (we are a self-storage company based in Cardiff, after all), but to me, it doesn’t get much better than this. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this city has an irresistible charm that will keep you coming back for more. From fascinating history to family-friendly attractions, active adventures to artistic delights, Cardiff has something for everyone. So, grab your sense of adventure and let's explore the best things to do in this wonderful city.

Disclaimer — we are merely touching the surface here. Round 2 is definitely on its way.

Best Cardiff activities for for families

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Cardiff is a fantastic destination for families, offering a range of activities that will entertain both the young and the young at heart.

Techniquest is a must-visit for curious minds. This interactive science centre will ignite your imagination and make learning a blast. From hands-on exhibits to fascinating shows, Techniquest will leave your little ones buzzing with excitement.

St Fagans National Museum of History is another gem for families. Step back in time as you explore the open-air museum and discover historic buildings from different periods of Welsh history. It's an educational and immersive experience that will transport you to a bygone era.

For a memorable afternoon, catch a matinee show at the Wales Millennium Centre. From musicals to children's productions, there's always something captivating happening on stage. Let the performers whisk you away to a world of enchantment.

When the sun is shining, head to Victoria Park. This lovely green space is perfect for picnics, playground fun, and leisurely strolls. Let the kids run wild while you soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Best Cardiff activities for historians

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If you have a passion for history, Cardiff is a treasure trove of ancient wonders waiting to be explored, and I have two words for you — Castle tour.

Start your historical journey at Cardiff Castle. Immerse yourself in centuries of history as you wander through its remarkable walls. Climb the keep for panoramic views of the city or explore the opulent rooms inside. Don't forget to join a guided tour to uncover the secrets hidden within these ancient stones.

Just a short drive away, you'll find Caerphilly Castle. This mediaeval masterpiece is a sight to behold, with its imposing fortifications and strategic moat. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine passages and imagine life during the castle's heyday.

Another architectural gem not to be missed is Castell Coch. This fairy-tale castle nestled in the woods will transport you to a world of knights and princesses. Explore its opulent interiors and marvel at the intricate craftsmanship that adorns every corner.

Best Cardiff activities for people who like to keep active

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Calling all adventure enthusiasts! Cardiff offers plenty of opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping and embrace an active lifestyle.

Hop on your bike and cycle the Taff Trail. This picturesque route stretches for 55 miles, following the River Taff from Cardiff to Brecon. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, this trail offers stunning views and a chance to explore the natural beauty that surrounds the city.

For a wet and wild adventure, try white water rafting in Cardiff Bay. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride as you navigate the rapids and conquer the waves. It's an experience that will leave you soaked, smiling, and ready for more.

If you're up for a challenge, why not participate in the Cardiff Half Marathon? Lace up your running shoes and join thousands of fellow runners as you race through the streets of the city. The electric atmosphere and cheering crowds will push you to reach new heights and achieve that personal best.

Best Cardiff activities for sun worshippers

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When the sun graces Cardiff with its presence, locals and visitors flock to outdoor spaces to bask in its warmth. Here are a couple of spots to embrace those sunny days.

Bute Park, located at the heart of the city, offers a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Stroll through its beautiful gardens, wander along the river, or simply find a peaceful spot to relax and soak up the sun. It's the perfect oasis in the heart of the city

If you're looking to venture a little further, head to Penarth, a charming seaside town just a stone's throw away from Cardiff (literally, you can walk there from the city centre). Enjoy a leisurely walk along the promenade, indulge in some ice cream, and take in the breathtaking views of the Bristol Channel. It's a delightful spot to unwind and enjoy the coastal beauty.

For a classic beach experience, take a short trip to Barry Island. This iconic seaside destination offers golden sands, amusement arcades, and the nostalgic charm of a traditional British beach resort. Build sandcastles, take a dip in the sea, and treat yourself to some fish and chips. It's the quintessential summer experience. (Did you know? We have another blog covering the best things to do in Barry).

Best Cardiff activities for cocktail drinkers

Image Source: Canva

Ready to let loose and enjoy some delicious tipples? Cardiff boasts a thriving cocktail scene that will delight any cocktail connoisseur.

Kick-start your cocktail adventure at The Libertine Cocktail Bar. This trendy spot offers an extensive menu of expertly crafted concoctions. From classic favourites to unique creations, you'll find something to tickle your taste buds. Sip your drink in style and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

Another gem on the cocktail scene is The Botanist. Step into this botanical wonderland and discover a menu that celebrates the art of mixology. Each cocktail is a work of art, beautifully presented and bursting with flavours that will tantalise your palate. Equipped with a lovely rooftop terrace!

For a speakeasy experience with a twist, make your way to The Dead Canary. This hidden gem will transport you back to the prohibition era with its vintage decor and intimate ambiance. Sit back, relax, and let the talented mixologists surprise you with their imaginative creations.

Best Cardiff activities for gamers

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Looking for some playful fun? Cardiff has you covered with a variety of game-centric venues that will keep you entertained for hours.

Put your problem-solving skills to the test at an escape room. Cardiff offers a range of exciting escape rooms where you and your team must work together to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries. Can you beat the clock and escape in time?

If board games are more your style, head to Chance & Counters - Board Game Café. With a vast library of games and a cosy atmosphere, it's the perfect place to gather with friends and dive into a world of strategy and friendly competition. Order a drink, pick a game, and let the good times roll.

For a dose of nostalgia, visit Kongs. This retro arcade bar is a haven for gaming enthusiasts. Challenge your friends to a round of classic arcade games, from Pac-Man to Street Fighter. With a drink in hand and the sounds of vintage game machines filling the air, it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Best Cardiff activities for the caffeine obsessed

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For those who can't function without their daily caffeine fix, Cardiff's coffee scene won't disappoint. Here are a few coffee shops that will satisfy your cravings.

Start your day at Hard Lines, a retro-feel café in Canton that takes coffee seriously. With their expertly brewed specialty coffees and delicious pastries, it's the perfect spot to kick-start your morning. Don't forget to take a moment to appreciate the funky artwork that adorns the walls.

Lufkin Coffee Roasters in Thompson’s Park is another must-visit for coffee enthusiasts. This specialty coffee shop sources and roasts their own beans, ensuring a unique and flavorful experience with every sip. Sit back, relax, and let the skilled baristas create a coffee masterpiece just for you.

For a vibrant coffee spot, make your way to Bloc in Victoria Park. This trendy café not only serves delicious coffee but also offers the perfect place to catch up with friends or simply enjoy a moment of solitude with your favourite brew amongst the greenery.

Corner Coffee is a city centre favourite known for its cosy ambiance and friendly staff. Whether you're in the mood for a rich espresso or a creamy latte, they've got you covered. Grab a seat by the window, watch the world go by, and savour the delightful flavours of your cup of joe.

Best Cardiff activities for arts lovers

Image source: Canva

Cardiff is a cultural hub, with a thriving arts scene that will captivate any theatre enthusiast.

The Wales Millennium Centre is a must-visit for performing arts lovers. This iconic venue hosts a wide range of performances, from theatre productions to ballet, opera, and concerts. Immerse yourself in the world of performing arts and experience the magic of live performances.

For a dose of contemporary art, head to Chapter Arts Centre. This multidisciplinary arts venue showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions, including visual art exhibitions, film screenings, theatre performances, and more. Explore the thought-provoking exhibitions and immerse yourself in the vibrant arts community of Canton.

Welsh National Opera is a cultural institution that should not be missed. Experience the power and beauty of operatic performances that will leave you in awe. Whether you're a seasoned opera-goer or new to the genre, the Welsh National Opera will take you on a captivating journey through the world of music and storytelling.

The Sherman Theatre is another gem in Cardiff's arts scene. This vibrant theatre offers a dynamic program of plays, showcasing both local talent and renowned productions. From thought-provoking dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, there's always something exciting happening on stage.

Convinced yet?

And there you have it. A little guide to the best things to do in Cardiff. Whether you're a history buff, a thrill-seeker, a culture vulture, or simply looking for a good time, Cardiff has it all. What are you waiting for — go and explore this amazing city. Uncover its hidden gems, embrace its vibrant culture, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Cardiff is waiting to be discovered by you. Check back for some more tips coming soon. Did someone say pizza?

Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the Managing Director of Pink Storage and has many years of experience in the Self Storage Space. Scott has been featured on websites such as MSN, Yahoo, Wales Online, Daily Mail, The Express, The Mirror and many more by sharing his knowledge on everything storage.

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