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Scott Evans
July 10, 2023

National Museum Cardiff

Visit the national museum of Cardiff

In the heart of Cardiff lies a treasure trove of Welsh history and culture, the National Museum Cardiff. Home to world-class art collections and fascinating geological and biological exhibits, this museum is a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.  

If you're unaware of the history of the National Museum Cardiff, keep on reading.

History of the National Museum Cardiff

Opened in 1927, the National Museum Cardiff, also known as "Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd" in Welsh, has since curated a vast array of exhibits that offer a snapshot of Wales, from its prehistoric roots to its industrial heyday.

Housed in a beautiful neoclassical building, the museum is steeped in history. Its architecture alone is a testament to Cardiff's rich past, and the collections inside take you on an even deeper journey.

Did you know that the museum houses one of the largest collections of Impressionist paintings outside Paris? Or that it boasts a dinosaur skeleton discovered in South Wales? These are just a couple of the fascinating facts you'll uncover as you explore the museum.

The museum is home to over 500,000 artefacts, from ancient fossils to contemporary art, making it an extraordinary source of learning and inspiration. Its collections are ever-growing, meaning there's always something new to discover.  But where exactly is the National Museum Cardiff?

Where is the National Museum Cardiff?

Situated in the heart of the city, at Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NP, the National Museum Cardiff is conveniently located close to other popular attractions like Cardiff Castle and Bute Park. There's plenty of parking outside of the museum too.

In the Winter the car park for the National Museum does get busy as the Winterwonderland in Cardiff is located opposite the museum.  Keep this in mind if you are visiting in the winter.

Exhibitions at the National Museum Cardiff

Tourists visiting the museum can delve into a variety of exhibitions. The art galleries feature works from renowned artists such as Turner, Van Gogh, and Rodin. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Natural History section, where they can explore Welsh biodiversity and gaze at gigantic dinosaur skeletons.

In the Evolution of Wales gallery, you can journey back in time, uncovering the geological history of Wales, from the Big Bang to the present day.  If you are sold and want to visit, you will need to know how to get to the National Museum.

Directions to the National Museum Cardiff

Getting to the museum from the city centre is easy. It's a short 10-minute walk from Cardiff Central railway station. If you prefer public transport, numerous buses stop near the museum. 

Before you visit the National Museum Cardiff, remember to check its official website for the most up-to-date information. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, with free entry, although donations are always appreciated. Some special exhibits may require a ticket, so it's wise to check in advance.

If you are on a sightseeing tour of Cardiff there are plenty of other attractions nearby too.

Nearby Attractions

After you visit the National Museum Cardiff, why not explore the other attractions that Cardiff has to offer? The museum is a small walk away from Cardiff Castle, and city centre. 

Bute Park, a large and beautiful green space, is also adjacent to the museum, perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the Managing Director of Pink Storage and has many years of experience in the Self Storage Space. Scott has been featured on websites such as MSN, Yahoo, Wales Online, Daily Mail, The Express, The Mirror and many more by sharing his knowledge on everything storage.

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