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July 6, 2023


Moving to Llandaff?

Llandaff, often referred to as a "city within a city", is one of the most historic and attractive districts in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Situated to the north-west of the city centre, Llandaff is particularly renowned for its Cathedral and its quaint, village-like atmosphere.

A key focal point of Llandaff is the impressive Llandaff Cathedral, a magnificent structure dating back to the 12th century. It's an active place of worship and serves as the seat of the Bishop of Llandaff. It's also an architectural treasure trove, with parts of the building surviving from many different periods. One of the standout features is the modernist sculpture "Christ in Majesty" by Jacob Epstein, added after damage sustained during WWII.

The area surrounding the Cathedral, often referred to as Llandaff Village, is full of charm. Here, narrow lanes lined with historic houses give way to an idyllic High Street. This compact street features a selection of shops, cafes, and restaurants, serving both the local community and visitors alike.

In terms of housing, Llandaff offers a wide range of properties, from traditional Victorian and Edwardian houses to more modern apartments and townhouses. The area is popular with both families and professionals, who are attracted by its community feel, proximity to the city centre, and excellent local schools.

Llandaff is particularly proud of its green spaces. Llandaff Fields, a sprawling park shared with the neighbouring district of Pontcanna, is a popular spot for sports, dog walking, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Meanwhile, the nearby River Taff offers a beautiful walking and cycling route, forming part of the Taff Trail which extends all the way from Cardiff Bay to Brecon in the north of Wales.

The area is home to several well-regarded educational institutions. The Cathedral School, an independent day school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18, is highly sought after. Llandaff is also home to two BBC studios and the esteemed Cardiff Metropolitan University.

As for transport, Llandaff is well-served by local buses, and the nearby Llandaff railway station offers regular services to Cardiff city centre and other parts of South Wales.

Is Llandaff safe?

Llandaff is generally considered to be one of the safer districts in Cardiff. Its crime rate tends to be lower than the average for the city as a whole, particularly when it comes to more serious offences. That said, as in any urban area, crime does occur, and the types of crime reported can vary.

Common types of crime reported in Llandaff include instances of anti-social behaviour, minor property crimes such as theft or burglary, and occasionally, minor instances of violent crime. However, it's important to note that instances of crime can fluctuate and vary from month to month, and from one part of the district to another.

Residents generally report feeling safe in Llandaff. The strong community spirit, the presence of local neighbourhood watch schemes, and regular police patrols all contribute to the overall sense of security in the area.

For the most current and detailed information about crime in Llandaff, or any other specific area, resources like the website can provide regular updates and detailed breakdowns of crime statistics. It's also a good idea to speak with local residents or local community groups to get a better sense of the area's safety from those who live there.

As with any location, personal safety can also depend greatly on individual behaviour, such as taking appropriate precautions to secure homes and personal belongings and being aware of one's surroundings, particularly when out and about after dark.

Is housing affordable in Llandaff?

Housing affordability can be somewhat subjective and can depend on various factors such as your income, savings, and what you consider to be 'affordable'. However, compared to some areas of Cardiff and certainly when compared to other parts of the UK, particularly London and the South East, housing in Llandaff is generally considered more affordable.

Llandaff offers a mix of property types, from large, detached period properties to smaller terraced houses and modern apartments. As a more affluent and desirable suburb of Cardiff, the prices in Llandaff can be higher than the average for the city. Larger, more luxurious properties, particularly those close to the Cathedral or in sought-after school catchment areas, can command higher prices.

However, there are also many more reasonably priced properties available, especially if you're flexible about the type and size of property. For instance, smaller terraced houses or flats in the area can often be bought or rented for a more affordable price.

As always with property prices, these can fluctuate due to various factors, including market demand, economic conditions, and the specific characteristics of the property itself.

If you're considering moving to Llandaff, it's advisable to research current property prices thoroughly or speak with local estate agents to get an accurate and up-to-date understanding of the housing market in the area. This can help you make an informed decision about whether housing in Llandaff is affordable for you.

Things to do in Llandaff

is brimming with attractions that make it a must-visit area for tourists and locals alike.

  1. Llandaff Cathedral: As one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain, this stunning Cathedral is the most notable attraction in Llandaff. It houses a blend of architectural styles, with its history dating back to 1107. A modern touch is the 'Majestas', a striking aluminium figure of Christ by Jacob Epstein.
  2. Insole Court: This beautifully restored Gothic mansion is surrounded by lush gardens, making it a peaceful retreat from city life. Here, you can take a tour of the house, stroll through the gardens, or stop by the café for a refreshing bite.
  3. Llandaff Ghost Walk: For the thrill-seekers, the Llandaff Ghost Walk provides an evening of ghost stories and historical facts. The 2-hour guided walk is a spine-tingling journey through Llandaff’s ancient lanes.
  4. Llandaff Village: The heart of Llandaff, the village offers a range of charming shops, pubs, and restaurants. Here, you'll find local artisans selling their wares, cosy cafés for a spot of lunch, and traditional British pubs.
  5. The Bishop’s Palace: Located right beside Llandaff Cathedral, the ruins of the Bishop’s Palace offer a glimpse into the area's rich history. Its well-preserved gatehouse and moat still inspire awe and wonder.
  6. Llandaff Fields: For outdoor lovers, Llandaff Fields, a huge public park, provides the perfect setting for picnics, sports, or leisurely strolls. The nearby River Taff is also an ideal spot for walking or cycling.
  7. Cardiff Metropolitan University: The Llandaff Campus is home to a number of academic schools, including Art & Design, Management, and Health Sciences. The Campus is worth exploring for its modern architecture and buzzing student life.

Should you move to Llandaff?

Deciding to move to a new location is always a personal decision, based on various factors including lifestyle preferences, career opportunities, affordability, and more. However, here are some factors that make Llandaff an attractive place to consider:

Community Spirit: Llandaff has a strong sense of community, with regular local events, farmers' markets, and a close-knit neighbourhood feel.

Great Housing: With its mix of period houses, modern apartments, and terraced homes, there's a broad range of housing options to choose from.

Quality of Life: The area offers a high quality of life with numerous parks, historic attractions, and eateries. It's a tranquil, leafy suburb with a village-like feel, yet with easy access to Cardiff city centre.

Safety: Llandaff generally has a lower crime rate compared to other parts of the city, making it a safe area to live in.

Schools: The area is home to some highly rated schools, both primary and secondary, making it an excellent location for families.

Transport Links: Llandaff boasts excellent transport links. The city centre is easily accessible by public transport, car, or even by foot or bike along the Taff Trail. It's also close to major road networks for wider commuting.

Historic and Cultural Significance: With its rich history, including the stunning Llandaff Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, living in Llandaff provides daily access to cultural and historic treasures.

On the other hand, you should also consider that the cost of living in Llandaff can be higher than other parts of Cardiff due to its desirability. Depending on your personal circumstances and lifestyle preferences, these factors may affect your decision.

As with any potential move, it's highly recommended to visit the area first, spend some time exploring, and even talk to locals to get a real feel for the place. Consider what's most important to you in your ideal living location and see how Llandaff matches up to your requirements.

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