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Scott Evans
July 10, 2023

lego storage Ideas

Has your children's Lego taken over the home?

Lego is the toy for all ages and there's something deeply satisfying about watching a bunch of seemingly random bricks transform into an elaborate castle, a speedy race car, or a bustling cityscape. But as any Lego enthusiast knows, it's all fun and games until you step on a stray brick. That's when Lego storage ideas become not just desirable, but essential.

Having the right type of storage for your Lego not only stops you from losing pieces but it also keeps your home organised too, today we will be looking at the best ways to store your Lego.

The Importance of Proper Lego Storage

Whether you're a parent of a Lego-obsessed child or a passionate adult collector, storing Lego efficiently can make a significant difference to your space and your building experience. 

An organised Lego collection not only keeps your living area tidy but also makes finding the right pieces easier when you're in the middle of an ambitious building project.  But how exactly can you store your Lego?

Lego Storage Ideas

When it comes to storing Lego, there are four main approaches you can choose from, each with its advantages. Let's talk about each one, and see how it might suit your Lego storage needs.

By Colour

storing lego by colour

One of the most visually appealing Lego storage ideas is organising your bricks by colour. This method turns your Lego collection into a vibrant rainbow that can double as room decor. It's particularly useful for builders who like to create their designs and want to find pieces of a specific colour quickly.

The downside? It might be a bit tricky to locate a particular type of brick in a sea of a single colour, especially if you have a large collection.  If you choose to store your Lego this way then you can store it in a wide variety of containers, our suggestion is to use the clear plastic pockets you use to store paper in.  While storing your items by colour can work, it isn't the most practical for building your sets, if you want practicality when storing lego, you may want to store them by type.

By Type

storing lego by type

If you're the kind of person who knows their Lego bricks down to the finest detail, you might prefer storing your collection by type. That means keeping all your 2x4s together, your flat pieces in another place, your 'technic' pieces in yet another, and so on.

This method is incredibly efficient for finding specific pieces, but it might be a bit complicated for younger children or casual builders.  If you're a Lego builder that doesn't like to create your own pieces but wants to simply build sets then you may want to store your Lego by set.

By Set

storing lego by set

For those who enjoy building and displaying official Lego sets, storing your bricks by set might be the way to go.

This method involves keeping all the bricks from a particular set together, often with the instruction manual. It's a great way to make sure you never lose a crucial piece from your Millennium Falcon or Hogwarts Castle. This method however may be difficult if you have multiple sets and are starting to run out of room.

lego sets

One final way of storing your Lego is by age.

By Age

storing lego by age

Lastly, if you have multiple children in different age groups using Lego, it might be helpful to store Lego by age.

Keeping more complex or smaller pieces out of reach of younger children can be a safety measure. It also ensures each child has access to the Lego pieces that are most appropriate for their age and skill level.

Storing Lego by age can help your children find the Lego they are looking for but if your children are of similar ages then it may not be the most practical option as you will have multiple sets stored together and finding the right Lego block can be problematic.  

Whichever way you choose to store your Lego you will need a way of doing so in your home so you don't lose any pieces.

Storage Solutions for Lego

Once you've decided on your preferred sorting method, it's time to find the right storage solutions for your Lego. Here are some practical Lego storage ideas that you can easily implement at home.

See-Through Containers

See-through containers are a great solution for Lego storage. They allow you to quickly see what's inside without needing to open each one. If you're storing your Lego by colour or type, smaller containers can be useful to keep everything separate and easily accessible.

Pocket Organisers

Pocket organisers, such as those used for shoes or accessories, can be an unconventional but effective Lego storage solution. They're especially good for storing Legos by type, as each pocket can hold a different type of piece.


Who says toolboxes are just for tools? Their compartments are perfect for sorting Lego pieces by type. Plus, toolboxes have the added benefit of being portable, so you can easily carry your Lego collection around the house.

Bedroom Furniture Drawers

For a large Lego collection, dedicating a set of drawers in a bedroom or playroom to Lego storage can be a smart move. Larger drawers can hold bulkier pieces or partially assembled sets, while smaller drawers are perfect for different types of bricks.

Other Creative Lego Storage Ideas

If you're looking for Lego storage ideas that go beyond the usual, consider using everyday household items. Ice cube trays or muffin tins can be great for sorting small pieces. A fishing tackle box can hold many types of bricks, and a hanging jewellery organiser can provide clear pockets for different Lego categories.

Alternatively, go for Lego-themed storage products. From official Lego storage bricks that stack together like real Lego, to specially designed Lego play mats that double as storage bags, these options add an extra layer of fun to the Lego experience.  

We found the official Lego block storage containers useful as they stack on top of each other when you need more storage.

Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the Managing Director of Pink Storage and has many years of experience in the Self Storage Space. Scott has been featured on websites such as MSN, Yahoo, Wales Online, Daily Mail, The Express, The Mirror and many more by sharing his knowledge on everything storage.

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