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Scott Evans
March 20, 2024

How to Pack when Moving or Storing

Finding it hard to pack your valuables? We got you covered.

When packing things for moving home or for storage, there are several general tips that can help, no matter what you are packing. 

  1. Use the best quality boxes that you can find/afford 

Stronger boxes will hold your belongings better. If you must make a choice between using an old box and a newer, better quality one, use the reused box for ´unbreakables´, like stuffed toys or linen, keeping the better-quality boxes for breakable and heavy items. 

For moving, plastic boxes are fine, and are strong, but for long term storage come with the risk of trapping in moisture, which encourages mould. 

Which leads us to.... 

  1. Make sure everything you are packing is dry and clean 

Moisture and dirt are breeding grounds for mould, and stains can get worse over time if not removed. 

  1. Seal boxes properly 

Use a decent quality sealing/packing tape. A skinny bit of Sellotape won´t hold your boxes closed as well as parcel tape. (That type of tape – Sellotape type – has its place helping secure the paper around anything small and fragile. 

  1. Keep boxes small/medium sized 

There are times you need a huge box because what you´re packing is huge. 

But, for the most part, boxes contain numerous items. Keep them (the boxes) small/manageable.  

A weight of 50 pounds (20-22 kilos) is the maximum suggested  weight for lifting in a move.  Aim for considerably less.

  1. Ditch the newspaper 

Unless you are happy with newspaper print all over your belongings, use clean paper such as packing paper or tissue paper to pack with. 

Think carefully before using clothes or tea towels that we plan to use again. It generally takes longer to unpack than we believe it will, so these things will inevitably get lost. 

  1. Label Carefully 

On each box, mark boldly what is in the box. 

If moving rather than storing, mark which room the box contents are destined for. 

And if more than one person is moving at the same time, or more than one person is sharing a storage unit, mark the box with the owner's name. 

  1. Use specialist packing/moving services where appropriate 

Some items are ´special needs´.  

Antique paintings, large or heavy statues, large musical instruments such as pianos may be best packed and moved by specialists. 

  1. Read storage and removal contracts carefully 

There are some items that removals people won´t move or need to know about and handle separately. 

There are some items that storage units don´t allow you to keep on their premises. 

Make sure you know what these things are to avoid problems. 

  1. Understand bubble wrap 

Bubble wrap is plastic and not ideal for long term storage. 

The bubble side (which should be on the inside cushioning the goods its protecting) can break down over time as the plastic breaks down, sticking to wood, varnish and polished surfaces, to metal, and to anything gilded. 

If water gets in, even the tiniest amount, it can corrode metal and make painted surfaces turn sticky.  

If a surface is highly polished, glossy, varnished or painted, putting a protective layer of packing paper between the bubble wrap and the item being moved not only adds protection to the item, but also protects it from bubble wrap that´s inferior quality or degrading. 

If using it for moving. Try and ensure that boxes with it in are opened promptly rather than stuck in an attic or corner where it will have time to decay. 

  1. Plan ahead 

Whether storing or moving, you´ll need a rough idea of how much needs moving. 

Give yourself more time than you think you need.  

Book/arrange transport well in advance. 

And start packing sooner than you think. There will usually be more than you expected and decisions to be made. Aim to be finished packing 24 hours before the actual deadline to move things. This will allow you a little wiggle room and avoid last minute panics.

Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the Managing Director of Pink Storage and has many years of experience in the Self Storage Space. Scott has been featured on websites such as MSN, Yahoo, Wales Online, Daily Mail, The Express, The Mirror and many more by sharing his knowledge on everything storage.

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