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Areas in Cardiff

Thinking of moving to cardiff, here are the best areas of Cardiff explained.
Areas in Cardiff

Thinking of moving to Cardiff, but don't know where to move to or which areas would suit you best? We have covered the different areas of Cardiff in this post so you can learn more about the area and see which place is best for you.  Let's start with Adamsdown.


Often considered one of the 'up and coming' areas of Cardiff, Adamsdown is known for its energetic community atmosphere and cultural diversity. This district offers a mix of housing types, from Victorian-era homes to more modern flats, making it an attractive choice for both families and young professionals. However, being close to the city centre, it can be busier and have a slightly higher crime rate than some quieter, suburban areas.


This historic area, often associated with the iconic Cardiff Bay, offers a unique cultural richness. Home to the Wales Millennium Centre and a host of other cultural institutions, Butetown offers a vibrant arts and dining scene. While its crime rate is a bit higher compared to other areas of Cardiff, community-led initiatives continue to enhance the area's safety and livability.


Canton is often praised for its community spirit and local amenities. Llandaff Fields and Victoria Park offer ample green space for outdoor activities, and Cowbridge Road East is one of the best shopping streets in the city. The schools in the area, such as Lansdowne Primary and Ysgol Treganna, are well-regarded.


Often seen as one of Cardiff's most desirable postcodes, Cyncoed is known for its spacious properties, leafy streets and high-performing schools like Rhydypenau Primary and Cardiff High School. It's also home to Cardiff Metropolitan University's Cyncoed Campus and has great sports facilities, including golf and tennis clubs. It's ideal for those looking for a quiet, suburban lifestyle with easy access to the city centre.


The Cathedral School and Bishop of Llandaff High School make this area a popular choice for families. Home to Llandaff Cathedral and a historic High Street, this area offers a charming village feel within the city. Green spaces, including Llandaff Fields and the Taff Trail, offer great outdoor opportunities. However, as it's one of the more affluent areas of Cardiff, property prices can be higher in Llandaff than the city average.


Located to the west of Cardiff, Ely is one of the city's largest suburbs, characterised by its diverse community and a variety of affordable housing options - from terraced homes to semi-detached properties. A draw for many families and first-time buyers, Ely offers a wide selection of schools such as Herbert Thompson Primary School and Michaelston Community College. While crime rates are somewhat higher compared to other Cardiff areas, numerous community initiatives and local policing teams are active in the region, focusing on fostering a safe and inclusive environment.


Nestled southwest of the city centre, Fairwater presents an ideal balance of urban living and nature's tranquillity. The suburb is rich with green spaces, such as the expansive Fairwater Park, providing residents with plenty of room for outdoor activities. Its property market features a varied mix of housing options, from apartments to family homes, catering to a broad spectrum of residents. Several highly-rated schools, including Fairwater Primary School and Cantonian High School, make it a hit with families. When it comes to crime, Fairwater maintains an average rate, similar to Cardiff's overall figures.


Positioned near the city centre and the University Hospital of Wales, Gabalfa is a bustling Cardiff suburb with an eclectic mix of residents. Its population comprises students, professionals, and families alike, creating a lively and dynamic community vibe. The suburb offers affordable housing options, including both traditional houses and student accommodations, making it a financially viable choice for many. In terms of safety, Gabalfa experiences a moderate crime rate, with initiatives in place to maintain a secure environment for its inhabitants.


Known for its sense of community and village-like atmosphere, Rhiwbina is a popular choice for families and retirees. Rhiwbina Primary School and Llanishen High School are among the high-performing schools in the area. The crime rate in Rhiwbina is quite low compared to other areas in Cardiff, adding to its appeal for those with families.


Just south of the city centre, Grangetown is a diverse area known for its variety of independent shops and a community with a great sense of pride. Grangetown is being modernised through various regeneration schemes, making it an increasingly popular choice for young professionals. It offers a range of primary schools and is also home to the popular Channel View Leisure Centre.


Bordering the University Hospital of Wales, Heath is an excellent location for healthcare professionals seeking a short commute. It offers large Edwardian and post-war semi-detached houses, making it an attractive location for families. The area also has well-regarded schools, like Ton Yr Ywen Primary and Corpus Christi High School, further boosting its appeal to families.


Home to one of Cardiff's largest open spaces, Llanishen is a popular choice among families and outdoorsy types alike. With reputable schools like Coed Glas Primary and Llanishen High School and a low crime rate, it's an area that offers peace of mind for families. The Llanishen Leisure Centre and numerous local shops add to the appeal of this suburb.

Llandaff North

Tucked away in the northern part of Cardiff, Llandaff North is a peaceful, family-friendly suburb marked by its serene residential streets and the tranquil Hailey Park. The area presents a varied housing market and boasts excellent schools, including Hawthorn Primary and Gabalfa Primary. Safety is a key selling point, with crime rates notably lower than many other Cardiff areas.

Lisvane & Thornhill

As some of Cardiff's most affluent suburbs, Lisvane and Thornhill command a premium for their upscale housing, leafy landscapes, and high-performing schools, including Lisvane Primary School. Properties range from luxurious detached homes to quaint cottages, attracting a discerning demographic. Both areas take safety seriously, with crime rates significantly lower than the Cardiff average, further adding to their upmarket allure.


Known for its large residential estates, Pentwyn offers affordable housing options compared to other Cardiff areas. The district is conveniently located near the A48(M) motorway, offering easy access to the city centre. It also houses several local amenities, including Pentwyn Leisure Centre and several supermarkets. However, the lack of a local high school may be a consideration for families.


If you're after leafy streets and a relaxed atmosphere, Penylan could be a great fit. Overlooking Roath Park and its popular lake, this area offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The housing is a blend of spacious Edwardian properties and more modern flats. Schools in the area, such as Marlborough Primary and Cardiff High School, have good reputations.

Radyr & Morganstown

This area offers a mix of traditional village charm and modern living. Radyr has a well-regarded comprehensive school, an assortment of local shops, and a golf club. The area's crime rate is also relatively low, making it an appealing choice for families.


Known for its colourful farmer’s market and strong sense of community, Riverside is one of Cardiff’s most vibrant areas. It is situated within walking distance of the city centre, making it ideal for those who crave city living. However, property prices and rents are slightly higher than the Cardiff average.


An affordable option for first-time buyers, Rumney offers good access to amenities and has a couple of primary schools in the area. Crime rates are slightly higher than in some other Cardiff suburbs, but still below the national average.


Close to the city centre, Splott is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals and students. Housing is a mix of terraced houses and new-build apartments, and prices are generally affordable. It benefits from being within easy reach of Cardiff’s university and college campuses.


Situated on the eastern side of Cardiff, Trowbridge offers a range of modern houses and flats, making it another affordable option for first-time buyers. Trowbridge has a higher crime rate compared to some other areas in Cardiff, but improvements are being made through local initiatives.

Whitchurch & Tongwynlais

These popular suburban areas have a friendly, village-like atmosphere. Housing is a mix of traditional terraced houses, semi-detached houses and bungalows. These areas also boast excellent schools, including Whitchurch Primary School and Whitchurch High School, the largest secondary school in Wales. Whitchurch is a beautful place to live.

Remember that the best area for you will depend on your specific needs, whether it's proximity to good schools, affordability, low crime rates or a bustling community atmosphere. It's always a good idea to visit an area multiple times at different times of the day to get a feel for it before making a decision.

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